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Lina NTU Fellow

Lina Mookerjee BSc MA, Dip.MS, BWY.Dip, CTLLS, FCT, DCT BACP Accred.

After a decade as a professional electrical engineer, Lina spent much of the following 18 years as a Yoga teacher, trainer of Yoga teachers and BACP Accredited psychotherapist. Her wide interests and variety of work roles are reflected in her fascination for study. Lina has a first degree in Engineering, a postgrad Diploma in Management Studies, an MA in Jungian Psychotherapy and Healing, and two qualifications in training and teaching.

Born in Birmingham and brought up within a Bengali Brahmin culture, Lina has learned to integrate an unusual breadth of understanding of Eastern and Western philosophies, psychologies and health paradigms which she combines, along with her scientific and professional trainings, to inform her distinctive humanistic teaching approach.

Over the last 18 years much of her practice has involved working with clients presenting with anxiety, panic, PTSD, depression and post-traumatic growth. Her expertise centres on trauma, stress, using menopause as a mid-life transition process and facilitating psycho-spiritual integration.

Integrating her grounded science and engineering training/experience, Lina’s approach involves facilitating awareness of the human energy system.

She also facilitates personal development groups and retreats, delivers training courses and workshops, and continues her interest in mind-body connection (particularly in relation to its effect on health and well-being) and personal-spiritual development.

Lina practises polarity therapist and is a published writer, international cruise lecturer, story-teller and Alumni Fellow for Nottingham Business School/Nottingham Trent University. She is currently writing her first book.

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