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India’s Partition Trauma: listen to Lina’s Lecture Nov 2017

Click here to watch/listen to Lina’s first Praxis Lecture at NTU: The Human Impact of India’s Partition


What was the human cost of India’s partition?Lina's 2017 lecture night

What are the lessons to be learned?

How relevant is post-traumatic growth?

This lecture invites you to explore the human significance of this world-changing event and how its legacy continued.

Lina Mookerjee presents an informed perspective, drawing upon evidence from first-hand accounts/experiences and theoretical ideas to offer context for understanding. She presents as both a professional psychotherapist and a daughter of parents who suffered first-hand the impact of India’s partition.

Lina discusses her father’s partition displacement from East Bengal (now Bangladesh) which prompted a radical survival strategy to find safety in 1950s Britain. She highlights how his own ‘shell shock’ affected his life, sense of self, identity and belonging.

Lina discusses the impact of inheriting the fallout from partition’s trauma, the hard challenges she’s faced whilst living in this betwixt position of 2 polarised cultures and experiences that have offered the greatest learning.

She offers suggested lessons to be considered from such a world/life changing situation, as she shares 3 pillars of wisdom inherited from her father. Using these have enabled her to find resolution through her own post-traumatic growth process.

As part of the lecture, Lina shares how she interviewed Tony Benn in 2008, co-creating a filmed farewell message as a gift to her father. His intervention would become a vital agent for Lina’s father’s eventual healing before his death in 2009. She will also share how her serendipitous connection with Tony, through the shared concept of ‘Building a Cathedral’, would become a crucial link.

It is Lina’s 30th anniversary of starting life as an Electrical/Electronic Engineering undergraduate at Trent Polytechnic as Nottingham Trent University was formally known. She continued her post-graduate management studies at Nottingham Business School and the School of Health and Human Sciences (Counselling and Psychotherapy).

She is currently an Alumni Fellow for Nottingham Business School.

 Click here to listen to Lina’s ‘Human Impact of India’s Partition Trauma’ Lecture delivered at Nottingham Trent University in November 2017

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