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Lina’s Book: Starting In The Middle

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What am I writing?

My first book ‘Starting in the Middle‘.

This is a book for women about women in mid-life and menopause.                                        


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Why am I writing?

My primary reason is motivated by repeatedly observing the adverse effects of oppression and how menopause can often be a powerful time that gives access to connecting with these experiences. This can create chaos and turbulence and feel very scary when there is little understanding of what’s going on. My aim is to help readers make sense of the confusion, and how to effectively navigate through the process.

Part of my book is looking at anger and injustice.

There is little permission for women to feel and own their anger. Consequently, I have observed how, in the face of injustice, anger can become distorted and lost within a well established inner-web of conformity.

I am particularly interested in how anger and its suppression into rage impacts the whole body, and if unresolved can result in feeling shamed, guilty, fearful and on alert.                    

I will explore how oppression affects a woman’s network of interrelated systems and how its impact affects the way experiences are processed through the brain, nervous system, mind and body.

I will explore how suppressed feelings affect a woman’s capacity to make ‘good enough’ decisions, exercise judgement, the ability to say ‘no’ and establish clear boundaries. And how this impacts her self-esteem, respect, confidence and presence.

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How am I writing this book?

Case study profiles will focus on different issues faced by women:

  • finding a menopause role-model
  • success and envy
  • liberating repressed sexuality
  • transforming learned helplessness
  • having it all yet emptiness within

I want to integrate the experiences of women and this is my request for help.

Being a pragmatist, I like to test ideas and theories for efficacy. This book will contain ideas that have worked in application using case study profiles

Injustice and Anger in a Woman’s Life.

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Call to action: click here to share your experience

  • Have you felt unfairly treated?
  • Have you felt discounted, ignored or put down?
  • Have your ideas been used by someone else and you didn’t get the credit?
  • Have you been betrayed? Lied to?
  • What did you do?

I am exploring how women deal with anger based on being ‘wronged’.

I am curious as to how unprocessed anger affects the brain and how this can go on to affect self-esteem and confidence, and how this then influences:

  • judgement and decision making
  • ability to say ‘no’
  • quality of emotional and physical health

Anna’s Story:

When my husband had an affair (aged 31) I embodied the word devastated. Thought the grief would kill me. I had weird reactions, such as wanting to report him to the police because it felt like a crime had happened; our marriage – a life contract – was broken and over, in just 2 years. We nearly reconciled but I was too angry to forgive him, plus he wanted a life with her really. I was angry that I wasn’t enough, angry he had changed in secret, angry he had found someone much more attractive.
For months I was weird, but I felt on the verge of victim-hood redefining the true me and I didn’t want to become that type of person. So I coached myself into positivity and a sort of live-and-let-live, and I moved on. Moved 200 miles away so I could block him out. I became happier, calmer, kinder, me again. I have rarely felt angry ever again. It’s like it used up my life quota of anger.

CALL TO ACTION: Share your story . .. 

 Consider a time you felt you were ‘wronged

  1. Optional – your story of feeling wronged (200 words max)
  2. If you felt anger, how did you deal with it? (100 words max)
  3. Did your strategy work and if so why? (100 words max)
  4. If it didn’t, why not? (100 words max)

Final submissions by: Wednesday 15 August 2018

I look forward to hearing from you – thank you.

Lina M. Cobh 2016

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