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Starting in the Middle – The Aims


My intention is to make this book accessible, readable and inspirational – and for it to have a place in every reader’s handbag.

Being a pragmatist, I like to test ideas and theories for efficacy. This book will contain ideas that have worked in application using case study profiles.

‘Starting in the Middle’ aims :
  • To explore the suppression of feminine consciousness – from its physical, psychological and spiritual perspectives
  • To offer a contemporary perspective of feminine consciousness and its relevance to both men and women today
  • To identify and challenge current outdated beliefs that minimise what is a potent and vital stage in a women’s life journey to connect with her innate wisdom and actualise her potential into what Carl Roger’s calls a fully functioning person.
  • To offer a new perspective of menopause being a gift for a woman to come into her full being and mid-life being the window of opportunity for this to happen
  • To offer a 21st century Crone archetype as a healthy role model for women at this powerful life-stage
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